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long jump and triple jumpclick to hear

Track and field events that require jumping as far as possible from a given point (long jump) or taking several strides before jumping (triple jump).
long jump and triple jump long jump take-off board run-up track landing area triple jump take-off board take-off board indicator board

long jump take-off board click to hear

It is placed close to the landing area across which the athlete jumps as far as possible.

run-up track click to hear

Track on which the athlete builds up the speed required to jump.

landing area click to hear

Sandpit where the athlete lands after the jump.

triple jump take-off board click to hear

After clearing the take-off board, the athlete must perform a hop and a step before jumping into the landing area.

take-off board click to hear

Usually wooden board that the athlete pushes off from after completing the approach.

indicator board click to hear

Board covered with plasticine to take an imprint of the athlete’s foot if it touches down beyond the take-off board, which is against the rules.