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work furniture [1]click to hear

Furniture designed to facilitate office work, from writing to working at a computer or typewriter.
work furniture [1] typist’s chair printer table paper feed channel paper tray paper catcher computer table panel adjustable platen

typist’s chair click to hear

Padded chair on casters; the back can be tilted and adjusted for height.

printer table click to hear

Table designed to hold a printer and its accessories.

paper feed channel click to hear

Opening in a table through which blank paper is fed into a printer.

paper tray click to hear

Tray in which blank paper is placed.

paper catcher click to hear

Tray used to collect printed paper.

computer table click to hear

Table designed to hold a computer monitor and keyboard.

panel click to hear

Panel concealing part of the space between the legs and the table.

adjustable platen click to hear

Small shelf on which a keyboard is placed; it is usually retractable and adjustable for height.