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C-clampclick to hear

Portable tool with a C-shaped frame, used for keeping objects from moving while working on them.
C-clamp handle adjusting screw frame throat swivel head movable jaw fixed jaw

handle click to hear

Sliding bar for tightening or loosening the adjusting screw, thereby spreading or closing the jaws.

adjusting screw click to hear

Threaded shank whose rotation is controlled by the handle; it moves the jaw toward or away from the piece to be clamped.

frame click to hear

Rigid metal support in the shape of a C, having the fixed jaw on one end, while the other end contains a hole for the adjusting screw.

throat click to hear

Opening made by the frame.

swivel head click to hear

End of the tightening screw; it pivots to adjust to irregularly shaped objects.

movable jaw click to hear

Smooth or striated jaw that presses an object against the fixed jaw.

fixed jaw click to hear

Smooth or striated part against which the movable jaw presses an object.