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newspaper [1]click to hear

Usually daily publication whose main purpose is to report and comment on the latest news of society, politics, the arts, sports and other areas of interest.
newspaper [1] deck headline magazine tabloid caption color supplement kicker literary supplement section front page nameplate heading banner front picture article subhead index

deck click to hear

Short block of text under the headline that completes it.

headline click to hear

Word or group of words in large print that introduces an article.

magazine click to hear

A section of the newspaper that resembles a magazine; it is usually abundantly illustrated and deals with subjects for a mass audience.

tabloid click to hear

Publication whose format is about half the size of a regular newspaper and contains news in a condensed form.

caption click to hear

Short explanatory text accompanying a photograph, image or illustration.

color supplement click to hear

Separate publication that is inserted into a newspaper regularly or from time to time; it is printed in color and often on glossy paper.

kicker click to hear

Short text appearing above the headline that puts the article in context or highlights certain key points.

literary supplement click to hear

Separate publication dealing with books and authors that is inserted into a newspaper on a regular basis or from time to time.

section click to hear

All the pages of a newspaper that are devoted to one subject such as the arts, the economy, sports, tourism or finance.

front page click to hear

First page of the newspaper.

nameplate click to hear

Title of the newspaper presented in a specific graphic style.

heading click to hear

Upper portion of the front page; it usually features the nameplate, the volume number and the date.

banner click to hear

Large headline appearing immediately below the heading and running across multiple columns.

front picture click to hear

article click to hear

Stand-alone text forming a whole; it usually presents information, explanation or commentary.

subhead click to hear

Secondary title that separates and introduces the various parts of an article.

index click to hear

Brief summary of the contents of a newspaper, usually in the form of a table of contents.